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World War 2


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The most “evil” and hated man in history.

Our struggle is a heroic struggle […] Lord God, give us strength to defend our freedom against Communism, to defend it for us, for our children and the children of our children, and not only for the German people, but for all of Europe, and at the end, for all of mankind. Adolf Hitler, Führer of the Greater German Reich

Adolf Hitler, the most hated and defamed character in history, was the closest to liberating humanity from banking interest-slavery, by battling until the end the two main fronts of Jewish International Finance, Capitalism and Communism. The Second World War was the excuse to eliminate by all means his revolutionary movement, National Socialism, which was deliberately crushed by violence in 1945.

After the Anschluss, the Führer was in possession of the Holy Spear, and therefore, he was considered the incarnation of Parsifal, the man chosen to defeat Klingsor; the “elementarwesen” or International Synarchy, and reestablish the Imperium; the Millennial Golden Age. However, Hitler died after losing the mythical Spear. He ended up becoming Amfortas, leaving Europe with a wound that never heals (tainted blood). By 2100, the Great Sanhedrin plans to have exterminated the White race from the face of the Earth. The Weltanschauung is, therefore, our remaining path to salvation.

The Hidden Causes of World War 2

According to the Führer, the most politically enlightened man of History, in this manner the Great Jewish Conspiracy or Universal Synarchy worked. At the center was Zionism, esoterically sustained by the Elders of Zion of the Great Sanhedrin; to dominate the World, the Synarchy disposed of two tactical wings, a Right one or Judeo-liberal, and a Left one or Judeo-marxist; the Right-wing was supported esoterically by Freemasonry and hundreds of related sects; Marxism counted directly with the control of the Chosen People members, therefore their esoteric basis would be merely Rabbinic.

But one thing was to affirm it and others to demonstrate it. How achieve the Enemy to abandon every caution and leave uncovered their obscure alliance? How provoke them to make reveal themselves? The Führer found a solution. «If there’s something that the Elders of Zion will never permit, nor the Synarchy, nor the White Fraternity, nor the Demiurge itself, Jehovah-Satan, will be that communism to perish», that was more or less the great reasoning. In fact, Communism, the purest political expression of the Jewish mentality, could not be lost: such possibility, for the Synarchy, was naturally inconceivable. And from such a political perspective «Communism», ergo, was the Soviet Union.

In synthesis, a tactical strike against the Soviet Communism would obey all the participants’ States of the Synarchy to run in succour of their ally. Attack the Soviet Union was, thereby, a strategic objective of first order against the Universal Synarchy. The Führer knew it, and he acted consciously, foreseeing that the Total War of the Third Reich against the Synarchy would be a War of Supreme Principles: the Eternal Spirit against the Powers of Matter. During the war, he anticipated what would come, with his habitual accuracy: «if we win the war, the Jewish World Power will disappear forever; if we lose, their triumph will be short-lived, as their organization will be permanently exposed.

Judea declares war on Germany, Daily Express 1933. Calling forth to unite the 'world-wide Jewry'.

Parsifal, Table of Contents - Documentary (3.5 Hr)

Chapter I: KLINGSOR - How Wall Street Financed Bolchevism (1848-1918)

Chapter II: PARSIFAL - The Rise of National Socialism (1918-1938)

Chapter III: BLITZKRIEG - The War Hitler did not Want (1938-1940)

Chapter IV: BARBAROSSA - The Struggle for Europe’s Salvation (1940-1941)

Chapter V: STALINGRAD - The Greatest Coalition in History (1941-1942)

Chapter VI: MONTSEGUR - From the Imminent Defeat to the Last Crusade (1942-1944)

Chapter VII: OVERLORD - Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Will (1944-1945)

Chapter VIII: AMFORTAS - The Fall of the Third Reich (1945-present)

Parsifal (2021): The Hidden Causes Of World War II

The Great Sanhedrin

In this New World Order, the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews.

It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property to make use of the resources of the state everywhere. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time comes, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.

Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, 1879

From 1920 until the end in 1945, Adolf Hitler always maintained the same political line, the fight for the salvation of Germany and Europe, in relation to the Jewish intentions of global domination, sponsored by Communism, Freemasonry and Zionism. The Talmud promises the Jews precisely the temptation of Christ, that is, to possess the property of all the peoples of the Earth, and this is the main purpose of Marxist ideology (The NWO or Great Reset). It is a great irony that propaganda accuses Hitler of precisely what the Jewish people have tried to achieve in the last four thousand years.

The Great Sanhedrin and the world Jewish finance that rules the world (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warburg, Goldman, BlackRock); ‘Think Tanks’ such as the Bilderberg Club, the Trilateral, the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), the B'Nai B'Rit Lodge and their unconditional lackeys, the Freemasons, aim to impose a single government on humanity, the so-called “New World Order”. According to the plan detailed in the Jewish Bible, the Sanhedrin’s “sacred” mission is the restoration of Solomon's Third Temple and the establishment of a world theocratic kingdom based on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, the place chosen to “await the coming of the Messiah”, a figure with the exact characteristics of the Antichrist.

The Messiah has to be a direct descendant of the line of David (I Chronicles 17:11, Psalm 89: 29-38, Jeremiah 33:17, II Samuel 7: 12-16 ) as of King Solomon. He will carry out the restoration of Jerusalem’s temple (Isaiah 11: 11-12, Jeremiah 23: 8, 30: 3; Hosea 3: 4-5), and Israel will become the center of all world government, putting all nations (goyim) in absolute submission and servitude to the Jews and to their god Yahweh-Satan (Isaiah 2: 2 -4; 11:10, 42: 1, Zephaniah 3: 9). And YHWH said: “You shall make the Gentiles submit to My People, they shall all bow down before you with their faces down, and lick the dust of your feet.” (Isaiah, LX, 10).

Our race is the master race. We are as different from the other races as they are from insects […] Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our Mashiach (Messiah) with a rod of iron. Then the masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves. Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister

The Messiah is the Antichrist

‘Glory to the Messiah! To the King of Israel! You will be that king if you will worship me,’ says a voice from below […] ‘I know who you are,’ cries Jesus. ‘Your forms are innumerable; your name is Satan! […] Get behind me tempter! It is written, You shall worship only the Lord your God.’ At once the vision fades. The Great Initiates; A Study of the Secret History of Religions

No matter how glorious or great, civilizations eventually eclipsed without achieving continuity or transcendence. Israel, however, has never succumbed in millennia; neither as a race nor a people. That is because the solid bond prevails in the Hebrew people between the old and the new generation, keeping their sense of tradition alive. They jealously take care of their blood and religion; by not mixing with other races and preserving their religion unchanged, maintaining a close unity between its priests and political leaders. That is, their race, their religion, their government and their sword are the same thing. They do not conceive a separation of the spiritual and the political. They considered themselves God's chosen people, claiming to be protagonists of a cosmic drama approaching a culminating moment: marked by the arrival of their Messiah. They do not aspire to a reign of five or six centuries but a definitive and total Empire.

The Jewish Messiah or Rex Mundi (“King of the World”) is the Christian Antichrist. This had been the millennium-old Zionist cabal subversive secret. Jesus of Nazareth refused to become the Messiah in the desert [Luke 4:1-13]. Jesus clearly said, "My kingdom is not of this World. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews” [John 18:36]. Jesus witnessed the corruption in Jerusalem's Second Temple and denounced the Pharisees as children of the Devil Jehovah. And because he spoke the Truth, the Sanhedrin ended up condemning him to crucifixion. The Jews never had and will never consider Jesus as their Messiah; they even mock him before death by making him wear a Crown of Thorns. Not Herod nor Pilate found Jesus guilty. It was the Hebrews who did not hesitate to give their answer; "Crucify him!", preferring to pardon the murderous Barabbas. The Sanhedrin used the Sword of Rome against them, originating the greatest battle against the Western World. Two metaphysical forces have collided since then: that of Christ and that of the Antichrist, incarnated in two different religions.

According to the Talmud and other rabbinic writings, a Jewish King will rule over the entire World from a throne in Jerusalem’s Third Temple. Fulfilling the messianic prophecies will only be achieved by spiritually destroying all the peoples of the Earth. The figure of Jesus of Nazareth has prevented them from achieving world domination. The so-called one-world government can only be completed by destroying Christianity. That is the fanatical goal of Freemasons. Freemasonry has never been Aryan or European since its genesis is Templarism, that is, Judaism. Christianity is just one element through which they managed to Judaize the European tradition. Still, they secretly repudiate Christianity (in the Templar's Lodges, for example, they used to spit and step on the cross as a ritual of initiation).

The First Temple of Jerusalem was created, according to legend, by the architect Hiram Abiff, who is seen as the founder of Freemasonry, and was destroyed by the Babylonians. The Romans destroyed the Second Temple after the Maccabean revolt in the year 70. With the destruction of the Second Temple, the vengeance of the ‘Chosen People’ began, whose culmination is about to take place in our days, when the Great Sanhedrin acquires world power to rebuild the Third Temple, the Synagogue of Satan. From Mount Zion, the destiny of all mankind has been established, directing it towards World Bolshevization, that is, to reach the last step of the involution of the Kali-yuga: the Kingdom of the Antichrist; the Messianic World Empire of slaves.

Deeply troubled we recognize the frightful clarity and truth of the old Biblical proverbs, according to which the god of the Jews Yahweh promises to his chosen people: “I want to grant to you to own all treasures of the world; at your feet shall lie all peoples of the Earth and you shall rule over them.” This global question is now laid out before all of you […] Extend your hands to me, working people of all countries, unite! Excerpt from Manifesto for the Abolition of Interest-Slavery

Parsifal: The Esoteric causes of WWII

Who is the Antichrist? The Antichrist is the Jewish Messiah. The Apocalypse establishes that the Jews will recognize the False Prophet as the Messiah, so the Antichrist is necessarily Jewish since only then could they recognize him as their Messiah. The Antichrist will be the president of the World Government; the Big Brother prophesied by Orwell. He will occupy the throne as King of Israel and his influence will allow the Jews to have peace with the Arabs. Excerpt from La Ariosofia Gnostica Luciferina

Hail Earendel, brightest of angels, sent over Middle-earth to mankind, and truest light of the sun, bright above the stars, all spans of time you, you constantly enlighten, all seasons by your presence. Christ I (104-108) Gnosticism (Catharism, Manichaeism) and its historical political manifestation, National Socialism, have been historical manifestations of the eternal war between Light and Darkness, the spiritual world versus the material world, represented by two races always at odds. The “elementarwesen represents the dark forces”, an anti-race of corrupt and materialistic beings ruled by the demonic “God” of the Old Testament. Against the forces of evil stands a divine lineage of Hyperborean origins, the Aryan race, linked to the spiritual spark of the True God.

Jehovah-Satan made a pact with the “Chosen People” when he gave Moses the Tablets of the Law, the secret of Kabbalah, the 22 voices that the Demiurge spoke when he manifested creation. Moses entrusted this magic key to Betzalel, the builder of the Ark of the Covenant and founder of the Great Sanhedrin. The SS Ahnenerbe tried to find the Ark of the Covenant and destroy the cursed Code. They also worked to recover the knowledge of the mythical Kingdom of Hyperborea-Atlantis contained in the Graal. (The tables of the Law represent an imitation created by the Demiurge concerning the Graal of the Hyperborean lineages. Graal happens to mean the same as Grail, only that Graal refers to the Lapsit Exilis, the mythical ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ in the oldest and pre-Christian tradition).

According to Wolfram von Eschenbach, author of the Parzival Poem, the Graal is an emerald stone fallen from the Crown of Khristos-Lucifer, an angel who descended from Hyperborea into Jehovah-Satan’s hell (this world), to come to the rescue of the captive spirits. The Graal is the link with the divine world, the “fire of the gods” that Prometheus (Wotan-Apollo-Hermes) gave to mankind. “The Grail, hidden by the Cathars, was a jewel fallen from the Crown of Lucifer [Earendel], broken in his combat in the heavens when Hyperborea and Atlantis were destroyed”. [Miguel Serrano]

For the Hyperborean Gnostics, Lucifer and Satan are not the same, but quite the opposite [Isaiah 14:12]. Lucifer (Venus, the Morning Star) or Earendel is the “brightest of angels”, “the most beautiful light”, a heavenly radiance that reminds mankind of its divine and eternal origin. In the early years of Christianity, Lucifer was the sign auguring the Birth of Christ, the Bearer of Light. Later, Catholicism, that is, Judeo-Christianity, declared Apollo-Lucifer “evil”, as Jehovah's enemy. Judaism would have come to falsify and vulgarize the Aryan gnosis, inverting it, thus serving the Demiurge.

Richard Wagner, the Maestro of Bayreuth, author of the Parsifal opera, worshipped Lucifer cunningly disguised as an Aryan Christ. In insight of his own imaginative picture of Parsifal, the black magician Klingsor is a symbol of the Jewish Race’ black magic, serving the Anti-Christ in a conspiracy to pervert the spiritual development of Europe; the “Wound” of Amfortas. And it is Parsifal, ‘the coming man’ which arises from Klingsor's enchantments to annihilate him. Enlightened by the attainment of the Grail, Parsifal becomes the savior archetype and redeemer of Europe (and, by extension, Western civilization).

The Cathars, the historical guardians of the Graal in Montsegur, suffered persecution and ritual sacrifice by the satanic powers of this world (Zion). In the book “Lucifer’s Court”, Otto Rahn points out that on March 16, 1244, before the capitulation of Montsegur, four Cathars managed to secure the Grail in the Pyrenees. Using the notes described by Rahn, in 1944, the Nazis searched for the Grail in the mysterious Catalan orography. What those expeditions actually found remains a mystery today. After the war, National Socialists suffered a tragedy similar to that suffered by the Cathars seven hundred years earlier: the fate of ritual crime and the curse of the World’s Sahnedrin.

The horrible process of human enslavement, whose acceleration began with Christianity during the decline of the Roman Empire, is reaching its final goal. Only a miracle, a providential intervention, non-human, not of this world, will be able to avoid the catastrophe of the Satanic World Dictatorship. Excerpt from La Cosmovisión Prohibida

For the Coming Man

The Cathars and Nazis revealed that a demon, the God of the “chosen people”, dominated this world. Their extermination was just one more battle in the great tragedy that drags all of humanity towards the Final Revelation. It is the Demiurge's goal to imprison all of humanity permanently, and it wants total control of the Earth's planetary Destiny. The Jews are its main servants in this warfare against humanity; they control the world of politics, religion, economy, military, medicine, and the entertainment industry. For the most part, they have dulled minds to the point that most people are like cattle or sheep.

The time in which we live, Jehovah's dominion over the world, is almost total. The Great Sanhedrin, whose boundless ambition, a ruthless desire for revenge, and an intense hatred for the White Race, have been destroying all the countries that opposed Zion; Palestine, Germany, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran and eventually Russia. We currently live at the end of times, the final cycle of the famous Twilight of the Gods. The Chosen People advance determined to achieve their final triumph. Everything we have seen so far has only been the preparation for what is to come. The Soviet system was a pale and bland foretaste of it. Every religion, every book, and every idea that is not aligned with Torah-Talmud will disappear. The Rabbis’ ultimate goal (as Spinoza realized) is the total and eternal enslavement of the human spirit and mind.

The coming Messiah, or Dajjal, is meant to become Apocalypse's false prophet. According to Judaism and Freemasonry itself, Zionists have a limited time to fulfill their prophecies. The Talmud set the Hebrew year 6000 (The gregorian year 2239) as the last time to accomplish the Messianic Era (HaOlam HaBa). By the year 2100, they plan to have totally exterminated the White Race from the Face of the Earth, and later they will completely ruin China, Japan, India and other powers.

According to Sepher Icheh, guarded by the Elders of Zion, once the Third Temple has been built, a Fire Holocaust will spread over the gentile masses to the Glory of Jehovah Satan. Only then will established the Messianic Kingdom on Earth. Nothing will save mankind from the Antichrist’s Great Tribulation! The final Fire Holocaust “offered by the pleasure of Jehovah” will lead to the almost total destruction of humanity. The surviving goyim will work within a kahal-communist regime controled by ruthless artificial intelligence. Inside Jerusalem’s Third Temple, abominable blood rites of satanic-cabalistic Jews will take place (similar to the historical human sacrifices of the Khazar Jews), and there will be no way out. A thousand-year satanic Empire; God bless Israel!

We will not witness this nightmare because it has been prophesied that the last Avatar, Wotan-Kalki, the Great Leader of the Indo-European Race, will appear at the End of the Kali Yuga and will not allow it (Parousia). Wildes Heer, the Furious Horde of the Heroes of Parsifal, will come to fight the Final Battle against the Zionist's forces of Evil. Only the Lord of the Pure Will can march to the end, breaking in the gates of the City of Eternal Life. The Jewish hosts of Jehovah, represented by the Antichrist, will be defeated and eradicated in a purifying mystical conflagration (Apocalypse-Ragnarok). Fire will burn this decadent and corrupt world, destroying it, and a New Golden Age will emerge from the ashes. Indo-European prophecies agree that one day, Good will triumph over Evil, and the Aryan Race will finally triumph over the Jews.

While Wagner's Twilight of the Gods concludes in the most terminal and apocalyptic destruction, the only fate left to the decadent Iron Age civilization, Parsifal concludes on a note of maximum beauty and optimism, the last hope for redemption. And it is not for less, because with Parsifal a New Golden Age will be established. Excerpt from Richard Wagner: El profeta de la Edad del Hierro

Valhalla in flames, by Max Brückner 1894.
Valhalla in flames, by Max Brückner 1894.